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transportation servicesThe process of shifting involves quite a lot of efforts. If not planned well in advance, it can be one of the most tedious jobs one would ever come across. It requires the drafting of the entire process and the appropriate measures to execute the drafted plans. With the modernization and global outreach, most of the companies are dealing with sales and productivity in different states of the country. This involves various programs like relocation or migration to different places either temporarily or permanently as per the company policies. With relocation or migration comes shifting of necessary goods. Employees planning on relocating their families require even more goods and commodities to continue their lifestyle as before without any tweak.

APM takes care of the entire transportation process with utmost ease and responsibility to justify the associated service and deliver the customer satisfaction experience. We have a team of professionals and trained labors to carry out each and every process individually. Transportation of goods is not as easy task as it seems. We understand this fact and so take care of every commodity; fragile or sturdy, with personal care. The entire team of APM is properly trained to avoid any type of damage. APM’s wide range of vehicles fleet boasts of quite sophisticated vehicles that are versatile natured facilitating smooth delivery of packed goods. We strictly follow well equipped and a well organized transportation services providing door to door offering. The temperature control system prevents the eatables and other perishable goods from being destroyed.

Prior the process selection, APM deals with a few important tasks
  • Drafting an entire inventory of the stock.
  • Measurement of total volume and weight of the material to be transported.
  • Type of goods to be moved.
  • Availability of time.
  • The Three Modes of Transportation like Surface Transportation (Road and Rail), Air Transportation and Water Transportation.

Post transportation mode selection, the second step deals with the means of transport selection. Sometimes, a blend of transportation modes matches best for a certain situation which is evaluated well only by AMP, Pune considering couple of factors. Our trailers for transportation services are meticulously designed. Their steel body has enclosed containers that ensure safe transportation making us one of the most eligible firms for vehicle commute solutions. We assure complete vehicle safety ensuring timely delivery.

We even move the heavy goods with the same confidence and ease allowing you to sit back and relax while you watch your goods being moved responsibly set up in an altogether new place just the way you wanted. We value our customers the most and so it is our pride to show showcase the same through our work culture, customer assistance and service anytime we are in need.

APM’s facilities let the transportation of commercial and residential goods easily and safely by our well trained and professional labor. We take proper care of all your goods at each and every step; right from loading to unloading delivering them at your door steps. APM takes special precautions during the entire process to protect the goods which tend to catch or cause easy fire.

So, do not hesitate when you plan on transporting goods or vehicles as we have got your back!


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